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Initial Application

Our funding application is simple, we ask you ten questions that helps us identify early on whether we can support your business. Please make sure your responses are accurate.


Arrange a Meeting

We will have a few more questions for you to answer, this generally may be around your management structure or future business
plans, etc.


Access to Funders

We match our funders with the opportunities most relevant to your requirements, we will pitch these opportunities.


The Final Stage


Funding types

Invoice Finance (Factoring / Discounting)

This type of facility is available for businesses that invoice their customers and have to wait before they get paid.  The funder would lend against your customer invoice meaning you get paid a % of the invoice quickly so you don’t have to wait to get paid.

Cash Injections

For stock purchase, office refurbishments, to support expanding your business, restructuring current debts, working capital… The list goes on….  This can be unsecured or secured.

VAT and TAX funding

This type of funding helps ease a companies cash flow by utilizing the VAT or Corporation tax return as a proof of loan.  You provide your VAT return or Corporation Tax return and the funder can pay this for you, allowing you to spread the cost over an agreed term.

Asset Finance

This can be a hard or soft asset. The funder would purchase the required asset and allow the company to pay this over an agreed time.

Commercial Mortgages

Commercial Mortgages are a way to raise finance to purchase a property for your business or for investment purposes.  It can also be used to raise cash against a property already owned.

Trade and export finance

If your company requires finance to help trade either domestically or internationally then these options may be for you.

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