We are a family of industry experts who want to help drive your business forward through alternative investment and long-term support.


Because we are tired of the old way. It’s stale and rigid and it doesn’t work. There is a better way and we want to spearhead it.

Meet our founder

Sam white


Social Capital was born out of pure frustration. Having founded multiple businesses in multiple countries, I have found that the process of trying to get funding and business support both expensive and futile. My businesses currently employee over 200 staff with a turnover of more than £18 million, which have always been profitable. However, when approaching my own bank and various advisors (the typical London lot) I found it impossible to get access to the type of funding that would suit my business needs. Twenty years down the line, a few grey hairs, and a couple of wrinkles, I feel I have learned a lot. There is definitely more than one way to skin a cat. And there is more than one way to fund and scale your business.

Social Capital aims to support entrepreneurs like me who don’t necessarily fit the City mould, in identifying and providing a wide range of fundamental solutions which will help take your business to the next level and fulfil your ultimate vision, without compromising your integrity.

I’m passionate about changing the game, and I honestly feel that helping other like minded business owners get further forward, with businesses that care about more than just their shareholder return, truly has the power to make a difference.

Meet our finance expert

Rob Carter

Finance Expert

Rob is a Commercial Finance Broker with access to over 200 funders in the marketplace. This includes many high street banks but also specialist niche market funders who are happy to take a view on the company and its plans for the funding.   Rob helps our clients access these funds by listening to your requirements and seeking a funder who specialises in the area.

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